The National Competence Centre for HPC organizes the first Hackathon

July 9 - 16, 2021



With the planned expansion of the Slovak HPC infrastructure we hope to expand the HPC community as well and welcome new users from SMEs, industry, start-ups and public sector as well. Having the end users comfort in mind, we would like to offer simple and flexible tools for managing computational tasks and resources.

Join in our effort and help create an application for the new (and old :) Slovak supercomputer!

The NCC Hackathon – a competition, but also a lot of fun!

Whether you joined our hackathon to learn new things, meet new friends, to compete for the prizes or just for fun – we are happy to welcome you to our event! Please, follow the rules and principles stated here (and any documents cited within).

  1. We prefer the teams to have up to maximum 5 members. The organizer reserves the right to adjust the team size, depending on the total number of event participants. Please, keep in mind that the whole team is awarded the prize in case of winning.
  2. Only members that are not organizers, judges, sponsors or in any other position that might lead to a conflict of interest may be a part of a team.
  3. All team members should participate in the event if possible and take part in the programme and mentoring sessions.
  4. The teams may recieve advice and consult with mentors and organizers during the hackathon.
  5. The hackathon project and all the actual work has to be done during the hackathon.
  6. Tímy môžu využiť nápady a postupy, ktoré si premysleli pred podujatím.
  7. Teams may use ideas that were used before – in accordance to the pertinent intellectual property rights – the project solution doesn’t have to be original.
  8. Teams may use open source libraries and codes – respecting the pertinent intellectual property rights and licences. Creating the hackathon project or its part as open source and publish it before or during the hackathon is not allowed.
  9. Existing codes may be extended to solve the hackathon project. Only the newly added parts and features will be judged. The existing parts of the code should be properly acknowledged and a reference to the original authors should be included (in accordance to the intellectual property rights / licence, if applicable).
  10. Teams must stop the work on the project once the programming part of the hackathon is closed. Small adjustments to the code (editing a couple of lines) are acceptable. Expanding the features or other larger changes to the project are not allowed.
  11. Everyone has the right to work on the project in a safe and welcoming environment and any unethical behavior or harassment will not be tolerated.
  12. If you notice any unethical behavior or harassment during the event, please let us know at hackathon@nscc.sk
  13. Teams may be disqualified by the organizers from the competition for reasons including (but not limited to) breaking the Rules or for unethical behavior.
  14. The organizers reserve the right not to award some of the prizes.


After the programming part of the hackathon is closed, the teams present their projects to other participants, organizers and judges. The presentation should be in a form of a live demo, together with a short written report about the project.

We strongly encourage the participants to show a demo version rather than a presentation. Tough a good idea and presenting skills are a plus, the judges will fucus on what you create during the event.

Even if you didn’t finish the project to your satisfaction or the solution you chose didn’t work, we still encourage you to present your work. We all might learn something new from your experience – and so will you!


Technology: Was the project technically difficult? Did the team use a particularly clever solution?

Design: Did the team take into account the quality of users experience?

Reaching the goal: Does the proposed solution work? Does the project result fulfill the goal set?

Learning: Did the team learn a new technique, programming language, etc. during the work on the project?

Innovation: Did the proposed solution bring new functions or features not considered previously by the organizers?

The judges will rate individual aspects of the projects according to the criteria and their area of expertise.

The competition is only one aspect of the hackathon event: we hope you will have fun, enjoy yourself, gain new experience and meet new friends. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Organizing team / NCC Hackathon