Calls for Proposals

The Slovak National competence centre for HPC brings up-to-date information about current calls for proposals in high-performance computing. You may obtain access to computational resources within the EU HPC centres, secure funding for your HPC projects or become a part of european consortia and join international programmes and projects.

We provide information on calls that are currently open for submission of your proposals and information on calls in preparation, as well. The EuroHPC-JU and PRACE organizations open several such calls per year, enabling subjects from academia, private and public sectors to pursue their HPC/HPDA objectives.

The National competence centre for HPC offers assistance with the preparation and the submission of your project – don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Fourteenth Call for Applications to SHAPE 8 Oct - The Fourteenth Call for Applications to SHAPE (SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe) invites applications from European SMEs with an interesting idea that would benefit from High Performance Computing for increasing their competitiveness.
PRACE 24th Call for Proposals for Project Access 17 Sep - Industry Access: Call 24 offers Principal Investigators from industry the possibility to apply for Single-year access to a special Industry Track which prioritises 10% of the total resources available.
PRACE-ICEI Calls For Proposals – Call #6 25 Jun - The resources in these calls are from the Fenix Research Infrastructure, funded by the European ICEI project.
HPC-Europa3 – Transnational Access 20 Jun - The project is based on a program of visits, in the form of traditional transnational access, with researchers visiting HPC centres and/or scientific hosts who mentor them scientifically and technically for the best exploitation of the HPC resources in their research.
EuroHPC Benchmark and Development Access 21 Apr - The purpose of these calls is to support researchers and HPC application developers by giving them the opportunity to develop, test and optimise their applications on the upcoming/available EuroHPC Pre-exascale and/or Petascale system prior to applying for an Extreme Scale and/or Regular project.
FF4EUROHPC 9 Apr - Supercomputing is starting to play a key role in different sectors and industries enabling industrial sectors to become more innovative, productive and shift business to a higher level.