About Us

High Performance Computing

High performance computing (HPC) means utilizing (super)computers and computer clusters to solve numerically challenging and data intensive problems from various fields of science and technology.

Examples can be provided from applications in medicine (genetics, in silico drug development, ...), physics (meteorological and climate models, nuclear and particle physics, ...), chemistry (properties of atoms and molecules, correlation between structure and reactivity, ...), but also in economy (investment risk, stock growth, ...) and many others.

The National competence centre

Clients of the National Competence Center will gain access to information obtained from mapping providers and consumers of HPC solutions in Slovakia, they will be provided access to the computing resources and software tools of the HPC lab. The team of experts of NCC will provide consultations on the possibilities of HPC technologies deployment, or will design and assist in the implementation of pilot- or migration of existing solutions. We can also help to build partnerships between the academic sphere, the public and private sectors, or connect our clients with foreign competence centers.

All of our services are provided
FREE OF CHARGE through 'effective cooperation' in accordance with EU regulations.

EuroCC and Castiel

National competence center is a part of the EuroCC project, which includes a network of 33 national HPC competence centers. CASTIEL will coordinate activities like international workshops, mentoring and twinning partnerships, and topic-specific working groups to address issues of shared interest.