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Our Services

The NCC team will assist your company in the adpotion of HPC solutions in research, development or industrial process, train your employees and facilitate access to computational resources. We offer free of charge consultations and „test before invest“ services. We also offer collaboration on specific projects with NCC experts – get in touch now!

Artificial Intelligence, Data Processing

NCC offers free consultations and services on various topics of interest when dealing with large datasets and building AI/ML-based models and tools, from Decision Trees to Large Language Models.

Here is our offer:

  • Consultations on feasibility of your idea / development plan.
  • Literature/publications overview of existing tools and solutions.
  • Formulating strategies for your challenge and proposal of optimal solution.
  • Collaboration with our experts and pilot and proof-of-concept projects, including collaboration on model building, fine-tuning and testing.
  • Help with transfer of your workload to the HPC environment and setting-up the tools and applications.

We offer experience with the national HPC system, where we work with Singularity containerization tool and extensive Python libraries and tools (Tensorflow, Pytorch,...). The AI workloads are processed efficiently, taking advatage of our 8 accelerated compute nodes, each containing 4 Nvidia A100 40GB accelerators.