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Our Services

The NCC team will assist your company in the adpotion of HPC solutions in research, development or industrial process, train your employees and facilitate access to computational resources. We offer free of charge consultations and „test before invest“ services. We also offer collaboration on specific projects with NCC experts – get in touch now!

Access to computing resources

NCC facilitates access to HPC resources you may need for your research and development activities and will advise you on optimal choice for your specific case. There are several options on national and international level, here are briefly summarized access opportunities and conditions:

  • Free access in open-science mode to national supercomputer – „testing and benchmarking access“.
  • Free access in open-science mode to national supercomputer – „standard access“.
  • Free access in open-science mode to European supercomputers – various modes, EuroHPC JU supercomputers.
  • State-aid mode access to national supercomputer.
  • Commercial access to national supercomputer.
  • Commercial access to EuroHPC JU supercomputers.

The national system Devana which is currently available to users features 148 compute nodes interconnected with high-speed 100 Gb/s HDR Infiniband data network, totaling 9,472 compute cores, 38 TB RAM and 32 GPGPU accelerators. The system's theoretical peak performance is about 800 TFLOP/s.

  • The nodes are equiped with x86-64 architecture Intel Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake family) processors. The universal module consists of 140 server units each representing a compute node. The compute node is Lenovo ThinkSystem SD630 V2 dense two-socket server.
  • The accelerated module consists of eight server units each representing an accelerated compute node. The accelerated compute node is Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 V2 server equipped with the NVIDIA HGX A100 40GB 4-GPU set. All GPGPUs are symmetricaly connected with NVLink (i.e. equal badwidth between arbitrary pair of GPU accelerators). The server contains the same number and type of CPUs as the universal compute node.

The user can take advantage of the following technical features/services:

  • Easy access to the system via web interface Open OnDemand.
  • Interactive apps and computing tools.
  • Variety of programming libraries, software tools and utilities.
  • BYOS – Bring Your Own (free or licensed) Software.
  • A containerization platform Singularity (compatible with Docker).
  • Professional user support.