Get free access to the Slovak supercomputer Devana and HPC services! 26 Sep - Táto výzva mieri na malých a stredných podnikateľov, ktorí potrebujú niečo viac ako bežnú výpočtovú techniku pre realizáciu či už výskumných projektov alebo bežných úloh v bežnej prevádzke a procesoch spoločnosti. Výpočtové stredisko SAV a Národné superpočítačové centrum ponúkajú práve teraz bezplatný prístup k slovenskému superpočítaču Devana.
Hackers attack small and medium-sized businesses 27 Aug - Malé a stredné podniky, ktoré nevykročia do kybernetickej éry, budú mať konkurenčnú nevýhodu oproti tým, ktoré tak urobia. Takýto krok do modernej a inovatívnej budúcnosti má však aj svoje úskalia. Ako teda ochrániť svoje podnikanie v digitálnom svete a ako zabezpečiť jeho kontinuitu?
Qubit Conference® Košice 2023 2 Aug - After last year's successful event, you can already look forward to the Qubit Košice 2023 conference.
devana Devana Supercomputer is now available for users 19 Jul - We are pleased to announce that the Devana supercomputer is now available for your computations and projects. The Computing Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the National Supercomputing Center have opened the first call for proposals for testing and benchmarking The call is continuously open, the project is possible repeatedly during the year and can be used through the
NCC for HPC at CHEMSHOW 29 Jun - On June 27, 2023, an event "CHEMSHOW" took place in the premises of the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology (FCHPT) of the Slovak Technical University (STU). During the event, participants had the opportunity to learn more about activities of the NCC for HPC. Through an interactive demonstration of simulations of potential drugs against the Covid-19 disease, we brought the participants closer to what calculations supercomputers can be used for. Participants could watch the simulations on a screen and through 3D glasses.
Workshop: FF4EUROHPC OC2 SUCCESS STORIES PREMIERE 19 Jun - We would like to invite you to the webinar to present the outputs and results through business benefits organisations gained while implementing HPC, AI and other advanced technologies for business in various industrial sectors.
Course Practical introduction to natural language processing 14 Jun - We would like to bring to your attention the latest course organized by the National Competence Center for HPC: "Practical Introduction to Natural Language Processing". The participants will be guided by the experienced lecturer Marek Šuppa, who presented NLP (natural language processing) and its potential for businesses already at the beginning of April during an interesting online lecture - you can watch the recording here.
Central European NCC working group in Maribor 13 Jun - On June 12, representatives from national competence centres for HPC situated in the central Europe region met during the first Central European NCC working group meeting. The event was organized by NCC Slovenia and NCC Austria in Maribor, Slovenia.
TREX CoE & NCCs collab / Code tuning for the exascale 9 Jun - TREX centre of excellence together with 3 national competence centres delivered a three-day workshop „Code tuning for the exascale“. NCC Slovakia, Austria and Czech Republic teamed up to bring an interesting programme including advanced parallel programming, energy efficiency analysis and HPC application optimization. The workshop took place in Bratislava, Slovakia during June 5 – 7, 2023 and was organized in a face-to-face format.
Impulz: Call for Applications 1 Jun - Today, June 1, 2023, the Slovak Academy of Sciences opened a call for applications for the IMPULZ 2023 grant program. For the third time, internationally recognized scientists and highly talented young researchers have the opportunity to realize their scientific goals in Slovakia under conditions close to the prestigious European grant. Selected projects can apply for funds of up to 160,000 euros per year. The call is open until midnight on August 31, 2023, the expected start of the project solution is in April 2024.
Summer School: From Supramolecular Chemistry to Structural Biology by Multiscale Modelling Methods 12 May - Computer simulations have become a valuable tool for expanding our knowledge in many areas. Steadily increasing performance of supercomputers or even desktop computers allows us to simulate bigger systems or achieve higher accuracy employing routine simulations. However, proper predictions can only be obtained if correct models and theoretical approaches are employed.
National Competence Centre for HPC on Europe Day 12 May - On May 9, the "birthday celebration" of the European Union took place in Bratislava's Stara tržnica. The Europe Day event was organized by the Office of the European Parliament and the Representation of the European Commission. The team of the National Competence Centre for High-Performance Computing also presented its activities on Europe Day. On Europe Day, we commemorate the Schuman Declaration which started modern European integration and led to the creation of the current European Union as a unique peaceful and democratic project.