Public procurement of a new supercomputer 5 Aug - The Cente of Operations, Slovak Academy of Sciences has started a public procurement process to purchase a new supercomputer for the National competence centre for HPC. Research and development experts from academia and also the public and private sectors will take advantage of the new computational capacities.
HPC FOCUS 27 Jul - Dávame vám do pozornosti nové vydanie časopisu HPC FOCUS. Od posledného vydania sa v oblasti vysokovýkonného počítania na Slovensku udiali viaceré zmeny. Niektoré možno ostali nepovšimnuté, niektoré mali väčší ohlas v médiách, no veríme, že majú potenciál nás a celú slovenskú HPC komunitu posúvať vpred.
The National competence centre pilot hackathon 20 Jul - It was a challenge to come up with a suitable topic for our pilot online NCC hackathon: the HPC environment has its specifics and most people are not familiar with it. At the end we’ve decided for a challenge that would involve something we all know and use: a mobile application. This particular application should allow our HPC users to access information about computational resources and overview of their jobs via their smartphone.
National video games day 8 Jul - Today, video games are an inseparable part of the life for a large amount of the population. We prepared several interesting facts about this phenomenon for today's National Video Game Day. The first video game is considered to be an artificial intelligence called Bertie the Brain, which was able to play Tic-tac-toe.
EuroCC & Castiel joint coference 24 Jun - Second joint conference EuroCC & Castiel took place on June 22 – 23, 2021. The two-day online event was attended by 140+ representatives and members of all National Competence Centres. The programme of the conference focused on the upcoming 1st year reports and a review process that will take place in October 2021.
National Competence Centre for HPC at the spring edition of ITAPA 2021 11 Jun - The spring edition of the largest IT conference in Slovakia - ITAPA - took place in Bratislava on June 10, 2021. The EuroCC project and the National Competence Center for High-Performance Computing was again represented at this event. Lukáš Demovič, director of the Centre of Operations of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Chairman of the Board of the National Supercomputing centre (NSCC) took part in a session about Digital Economics.
PRACE Spring school: Modelling Materials using HPC and AI/ML 3 May - This year the PRACE Spring school will be organized by the Centre of Operations, Slovak Academy of Sciences and will cover the topic of modelling materials using HPC and AI/ML tools and techniques. The workshop will be held on June 15 – 18, 2021 as an online/hybrid event.
EHPCSW: HPC Education & Training - Perspectives 26 Mar - On March 26, 2021 the HPC training landscape in Slovakia was introduced at the EuroHPC Summit Week/PRACEdays2021 by Miloslav Valčo, the taskleader for the Training and Skills Development in the NCC Slovakia.
Summer of HPC: Využitie neurónových sietí v kvantovej chémii 24 Mar - Summer of HPC: Neural networks in quantum chemistry. Join our team in Bratislava for the summer of 2021 and gain experience in programming neural networks and their usage in predicting molecular properties.
Summer of HPC: Efektívna konštrukcia Fockovej matice v lokalizovanej Hartree-Fockovej metóde 23 Mar - Summer of HPC: Efficient Fock matrix construction in localized Hartree-Fock method. Join our team in Bratislava for the summer of 2021 and gain experience in coding, implementation and testing of parallel ab initio programme. During the two month project students will learn about fortran and MPI environments. They will also get familiar with ideas of efficient use of tensor-contractions and parallel I/O in quantum chemistry algorithms. The goal is to push the efficiency of the MPI code(s) to maximum.
EuroHPC Summit Week 2021 22 Mar - The EuroHPC Summit Week (EHPCSW) 2021, taking place online on March 22 – 26, 2021, will gather the main European HPC stakeholders from technology suppliers and HPC infrastructures to scientific and industrial HPC users in Europe.
International Women's Day 8 Mar - On the occasion of International Women's Day the team of the National Competence Centre for High-Performance Computing in Slovakia has prepared a few interesting facts about IWD. In the article you can read when and why the International Women's Day was established and when we started to celebrate IWD in Slovakia. You will also find out how women are represented in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), including information and communication technologies (ICT). We will bring your attention to inspiring Slovak initiatives and portals which actively address the issue of women's representation in the IT sphere.