Postupnými krokmi k spusteniu Devany 17 Nov - Po úspešnom navezení nového superpočítača Devana bude spusteniu a sprístupneniu pre používateľov predchádzať ešte niekoľko krokov, ktoré sa budú realizovať počas najbližších týždňov. Predovšetkým je nevyhnutné dokončenie a servis pomocnej infraštruktúry, ako sú elektrické rozvody a chladiaci systém.
Hopero: European Digital Innovation Hub 14 Nov - The Slovak AI European Digital Innovation Hub is a nation-wide ecosystem with a clear focus on artificial intelligence aiming to support the digital transformation of Slovak companies in the European innovation space. One of Hopero's goals is to upgrade companies and train their employees for the digital era by strengthening and expanding the community innovators, sharing knowledge, improving access to financial means and introduction of artificial intelligence.
Devana Is Already “Home” in the Sas Computing Centre 11 Nov - On the 10th and 11th of November, the physical installation of the new Devana HPC system is taking place on the premises of the Slovak Academy of Sciences at Bratislava's Patrónka. Slovak users had to wait for a long time for a replacement of Aurel, the first Slovak supercomputer.
National Competence Centre for HPC at SlovakiaTech Forum Expo 4 Nov - The goal of the event was a meeting of Slovak and foreign experts in the field of innovation, industry and industrial technologies, energy, transport and logistics, environment and education, as well as a presentation of scientific and innovative potential of Slovak technological companies.
National Competence Centre at Researchers' Night 3 Nov - The last Friday of September in Bratislava's Stara tržnica belonged to the European night of researchers. Also at the 16th year of this event, visitors had the opportunity to learn more about supercomputers and high-performance computing. Experts from the National Competence Center for High-Performance Computing (HPC) welcomed a number of curious visitors of various age groups to their stand, who were interested in supercomputers and their practical use. The team of the competence center briefly introduced NCC for HPC to the interested parties and, through a demonstration of one of the methods used in HPC, introduced the use of supercomputers in practice.
Invitation: Qubit Cybersecurity Conference Tatry 2022 10 Aug - After last year's successful event, you can already look forward to the 2nd edition of the Qubit Tatry 2022 conference.
Webinar: Supercomputing Services for Enterprises 12 Jul - The webinar "Supercomputing services for Enterprises" was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Slovakia). The event took place online on July 7, 2022. What services can supercomputers provide for SMEs, large enterprises, or the public sector? During the webinar ""Supercomputing services for Enterprises" speakers explained not only who can use high-performance computing services, but also how to access them.
Phidias – Final Impact Webinar 5 Jul - We bring to your attention an online webinar focused on the results achieved by the Phidias HPC initiative in the field of high performance computing. The event, which will take place on July 12 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. is intended for professionals engaged in Earth observation, marine and satellite data, as well as for researchers and developers in the field of HPC.
Collecting Marine Debris with HPC - ETP4HPC Webinar 3 Jul - We bring to your attention a webinar organized by FF4EuroHPC and ETP4HPC which will take place on Friday, July 8 (11:00 am - 12:00 pm). At the event two FF4EuroHPC success stories, focused on environmental impact, will be presented, showcasing the implementation of the HPC & AI technologies for business. The webinar will be really interesting for researcher, HPC providers, software developers and most important, business oriented companies.
QMC Hands-on Summer Workshop 29 Jun - The QMC Hands-on Summer Workshop was held in Slovakia on June 20-23, 2022. Workshop was organised by TREX project, National Competence Centre for HPC (NCC for HPC), Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) and the Institute of Physics SAS.
Slovakia will have a new supercomputer this year 21 Jun - Centre of Operations of the SAS has signed a contract with a supplier of a new high-performance computing system, which should be put into operation later this year. The investment in the purchase of the Devana supercomputer with an estimated output of 800 TFlops is financed from the Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure (OPII).
Twinning SK-CZ: Engineering applications 31 May - On 12-13. May 2022, we organized a twinning workshop at the Congress Center SAS Academia in Stará Lesná with the Czech National Competence Center for HPC, which operates within IT4I in Ostrava. The workshop focused on engineering applications and advanced modeling of, for example, complex fluid dynamics, turbulence, heat transfer, acoustics, mechanics etc.