Operation systems in multiprocessor clusters 13 Nov - 10. novembra 2021 sa uskutočnila už štvrtá prednáška série Superpočítanie vo vede. Tentokrát sme privítali Dr. Dušana Bernáta z Fakulty matematiky, fyziky a informatiky Univerzity Komenského so zaujímavou prednáškou na tému Operačné systémy v multiprocesorových klastroch.
NCC Slovakia at the ITAPA 2021 congress 9 Nov - On November 9th, 2021 the second day of the Itapa congress took place featuring several contributions focused on high-performance computing as an important tool for enabling innovations, ensuring the competitiveness of economies as well as for supporting security and scientific research. The Slovak National Competence Centre for HPC in collaboration with the congress organizers invited Mr. Gustav Kalbe as one of the keynote speakers. As a representative of the EuroHPC JU, he covered this topic from the global and European point of view.
Development of technology and computer architecture – from 1-processor serial computers to supercomputers 27 Oct - On October 26, 2021 the third lecture of our „Supercomputing in science“ series took place on the premises of the Computational centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Doc. Šperka, who is also responsible for the Computer museum, showed development of computer architectures and it’s components, such as CPU, GPU and RAM.
Can we exploit the HPC possibilities in basic research effectively? 14 Oct - On October 12, 2021 the second lecture of our „Supercomputing in science“ series took place on the premises of the Computational centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Pavel Neogrády from the Department of physical and theoretical chemistry of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, CU talked about highly accurate computational methods in the field of theoretical chemistry and about their complexity and numerical intricacies.
A Centre of Excellence in HPC: Performance Optimisation and Productivity 5 Oct - Once again, we bring you to the attention of the PoP service: (Performance Optimisation and Productivity; A Centre of Excellence in HPC) One of the partners of PoP CoE is also the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center at VŠB - Technical University in Ostrava in the Czech Republic.
Current trends and visions in HPC in Slovakia 1 Oct - On September 29, we started a series of lectures "Supercomputing in Science" in the lecture hall of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Popularization-educational lectures are a joint activity of the Computer Museum and the National Competence Center for HPCNCC, as the primary contact point for HPC in Slovakia, covers, among other things, educational and dissemination activities in this area.
Supercomputing in science - starting soon! 21 Sep - Join us to talk about supercomputing in science in an informal atmosphere with coffee and refreshments! We have prepared a series of interesting lectures on high-performance computing – there is no registration fee, but the registration is required.
NCC pre HPC National Competence Centre for HPC at SlovakiaTech Forum Expo 16 Sep - From 14th to 15th September 2021 the 3rd edition of the largest technological conference in Slovakia and the international innovation and technology trade fair SLOVAKIATECH FORUM-EXPO 2021 took place in the Kulturpark in Košice.
The National competence centre launches a nation-wide HPC survey 23 Aug - The national competence centre for HPC is launching a nation-wide survey of competencies and requirements in the field of high-performance computing and the usage of HPC+ solutions. Information gained through this survey will help the competence centre to create effective strategies for concrete support and services for private companies, academia and public administration.
Public procurement of a new supercomputer 5 Aug - The Cente of Operations, Slovak Academy of Sciences has started a public procurement process to purchase a new supercomputer for the National competence centre for HPC. Research and development experts from academia and also the public and private sectors will take advantage of the new computational capacities.
HPC FOCUS 27 Jul - New HPC FOUCS magazine was published. Since the last HPC FOCUS, several changes have taken place in the field of high-performance computing in Slovakia. Some may have gone unnoticed, some with greater media coverage, but we believe they have the potential to move us and the entire Slovak HPC community forward.
The National competence centre pilot hackathon 20 Jul - It was a challenge to come up with a suitable topic for our pilot online NCC hackathon: the HPC environment has its specifics and most people are not familiar with it. At the end we’ve decided for a challenge that would involve something we all know and use: a mobile application. This particular application should allow our HPC users to access information about computational resources and overview of their jobs via their smartphone.