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The NCC team will assist your company in the adpotion of HPC solutions in research, development or industrial process, train your employees and facilitate access to computational resources. We offer free of charge consultations and „test before invest“ services. We also offer collaboration on specific projects with NCC experts – get in touch now!

Collaboration, Networking

EuroCC Supercomputing Accelerator

NCC Slovakia is part of the EuroCC supercomputing accelerator. This platform focuses on assisting startups with the adoption of HPC (High Performance Computing) technologies across Europe. Together with NCC Austria and other partners, we bring technological solutions and support that will help you achieve the desired outcomes in your computational projects.

NCC Network of Experts and Competences::

The expert network of partner European competence centers provides researchers and companies with access to a rich database of experienced experts. We connect you with relevant experts so that you can use their knowledge and experience for the optimal course of your projects. You can find more information about the activities of the competence centers on the website

Ambassador Program:

Our Ambassador program opens the doors to synergy through combined services. In addition to technical support in utilizing HPC services and expertise from our NCC center, our partners in the Ambassador program also offer support in business planning, marketing, and investments, ready to assist you in the overall development of your project.

Connecting to SK Experts:

NCC Slovakia has conducted a survey of competencies in HPC and related fields at the national level. Therefore, we can provide advice and connect you with Slovak experts. In this way, we ensure that you can utilize not only global know-how but also local expertise for the specific needs of your project.

Information on Support Opportunities in Slovak EDIHs (European Digital Innovation Hubs):

We provide information on support opportunities in Slovak EDIHs such as Hopero and HealthHub, which are centers for innovation and development in the field of information technology and health technology. ECDIs provide de-minimis state aid to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as larger companies.