Our team will help you to find the best way to deploy HPC in your scientific or industrial process, train your employees and give access to our computing resources. All of our services are provided free of charge. If you are interested in collaboration do not hesitate to contact us.

Our services:

  • Education: regular and on-demand courses, webinars, workshops and hackathons in relevant areas.
  • Sharing information obtained from mapping of providers and users of HPC solutions in Slovakia.
  • Providing machine time and access to software tools on our high performance computing systems.
  • Consultations, design and implementation of pilot HPC solutions, migration of existing solutions.
  • Mediation of partnerships between academic, public and private sectors.


National Competence Center is preparing a number of courses for you from the area of HPC

We are currently working hard to create a new web portal for training, while expanding our offering of courses and other options including e-learning.

The following courses will be available soon:

  • Parallel programming (OpenMP, MPI) in C/C++ and Fortran.
  • Programming GPU - CUDA and OpenCL.
  • Python programming language: object-oriented programming.
  • R programming language.
  • Optimization and profiling of parallel programs.
  • Efficient use of application software in HPC environment.
  • Working in HPC environment.
  • Neural networks as the basic AI tool - TensorFlow.
  • Introduction to machine learning and "big data".

More information will be available soon on our website, newletter and social networks.

Mapping of HPC environment

One of the services provided by the National Competence Center for High-Performance Computing is sharing information obtained from mapping of the HPC environment in Slovakia. Our team will provide you with data on consumers and providers of HPC solutions at the national level.

Providing machine time

Our team will provide you with machine time and access to software tools on HPC systems. HPC resources of the National Competence Center can be used, for example, for the development of pilot solutions, verification of computational efficiency, horizontal / vertical scalability of parallel programs, code optimization, etc. HPC resources of the National Competence Center cannot be used free of charge for production calculations.


The National Competence Center provides consultations on design and implementation of pilot HPC solutions as well as the migration of existing solutions. We will be pleased to help you with establishing contacts and mediation of partnerships between academic, public and private sectors.


We organize and take part in numerous interesting events. You can find further information in the news section. Sign up for our newsletter, if you do not want to miss anything. Follow us on our social networks!


Hackathon is an event that brings together software developers, graphic designers or webdesigners to collaborate on a given project. The goal of a hackathon event is generally to solve a specific software problem or design an IT application. Hackathon events might also be organized as educational events for students or interested participants.

A hackathon, usually lasting from one day to one week, has a specific goal and topic (such as programming language, operating system, application or API), depending on the event organizer.

The word “hackathon” is a combination of the words “hack” and “marathon”. The words “hack” and “hacker” emerged in the 1960s in the MIT university environment and refer to creative and innovative software solutions, not to more contemporary meaning of a computer security breach.

The National Competence Centre plans to organize several hackathons and intends to solve some interesting problems. However, we would like the topic of our hackathons to rise from the real problems and challenges that you are facing, be it in your research, business or just everyday life. Tell us about your ideas and we will consider one or several of them for the next NCC hackathon event.