Twinning collaboration between the Slovenian and Slovak NCCs

Slovak NCC started a partnership with its Slovenian partner. It mainly concerns training activities; both NCCs will prepare a series of courses for attendees from both countries.

Twinning collaboration between the Slovenian and Slovak NCCs

Based on a recommendation by Castiel CSA, which coordinates the activities of national competence centers within the EuroCC project, Slovakia started a collaboration with its Slovenian partner. The main topic is training activities and both countries will provide a series of courses for attendees from both countries. The partnership will also promote the exchange of ideas and experiences and further joint activities.

Twinning je typ spolupráce, pri ktorej dvaja alebo viac rovnocenných partnerov poskytuje svoju expertízu pre vzájomné obohatenie. Každý z partnerov pri tom vyniká inými kompetenciami a navzájom sa tak dopĺňajú. Slovinsko a Slovensko majú na medzinárodnom poli dlhodobo veľmi dobré vzťahy a sme radi že ich v rámci projektu EuroCC môžeme začať budovať aj v oblasti vysokovýkonného počítania.

The collaboration began with an exchange of experiences with trainings organization and engaging with small and medium enterprises. It will continue with a series of online courses, the first of which will take place in May and June 2022 and will be available to attendees from both countries. The course "Neural Networks with TensorFlow" will be provided by lecturers from the Slovak NCC and will take place on May 25 - 26, 2022. The course "GPU programming with CUDA" will be provided by Slovenian lecturers on June 20 - 21, 2022. The partnership will continue in Fall with courses on parallel programming in Fortran and big data with Hadoop and Spark (details will be available later). You can find more information about the courses and register here:

Course Neural Networks with TensorFlow

Course GPU programming in CUDA

NCC for HPC at the Hack Košice 2022 19 May - On April 23-24, 2022, another year of the Hack Košice 2022 hackathon took a place in Košice. The National Competence Centre for HPC has brought its own challenge for participants: the Confidential Machine Learning Challenge.
Workshop: Cloud services for HPC users 9 May - A twinning workshop was organized on April 19th, 2022 with the aim of exchanging best practices and approaches to provide HPC cloud services to users from academia and industry. The workshop took place in Smolenice, Slovakia.
PRACE Summer of HPC 6 Apr - Since 2013, PRACE has been enabling students from Europe to take part in summer internships at European HPCs through the Summer of HPC program. SoHPC will be held online this year, but students will be able to come to some HPC centers and attend the program in person.