Workshop & hackathon: Exascale women on stage!

V dňoch 12. – 14. apríla na pôde Humboldtovej univerzity  v Berlíne bude prebiehať workshop a hackathon Exascale women on stage! Podujatie organizujú ženy a je určené pre ženy, aby sa dozvedeli o vzájomnom výskume a budovali profesionálne siete. Podujatie je otvorené pre všetky vedkyne na všetkých profesionálnych úrovniach – vrátane magisteriek, doktorandiek, postdoktorandiek a profesoriek – pracujúcich na vývoji metód a kódov, ktoré prinesú teóriu elektrónovej štruktúry do exascale.

Workshop & hackathon: Exascale women on stage!

On June 12-14 2023, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin will host the workshop and hackathon Exascale women on stage! This event is organized by women for women to learn about each others' research and build professional networks. The event is open to all female scientists at all professional levels – including master students, PhD students, postdocs, and professors – working on the development of methods and codes to bring electronic-structure theory to the exascale.The workshop is organized by the NOMAD CoE.

The event serves two purposes:

  • First, the scientists will discuss their research and share experiences.
  • Second, they will gather ideas and develop a joint strategy on how to attract more female colleagues to the field. In a hackathon style, they will develop materials for their needs.

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