EoCoE Summer School

The Energy-Oriented Center of Excellence (EoCoE) organizes Summer School on June 6-8, which will be hosted remotely.

 EoCoE  Summer School

The Energy-Oriented Center of Excellence (EoCoE) organizes Summer School on June 6-8, which will be hosted remotely..

This two-day event will include in-depths training on the flagship EoCoE codes and solvers, which focus on HPC simulations applied to energy domains, are designed and optimized to run on the latest iteration of European pre-exascale machines, and will ultimately be scaled to the upcoming exascale systems. It will allow you to test your mastery of these codes on the EoCoE Software as a Service Portal, using the computing resources of the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC).

Team of brilliant researchers, from several prominent European research centers, will host the training sessions and supervise your work.

A strong participation to the EoCoE school will be rewarded with several awards, including money prize, books, full expenses for three-day trips to Naples to join our project’s members for our final consortium meeting in Naples at the end of June, for up to six participants.

This school is a unique opportunity for participants to meet with leading researchers and experts, to try their hand at top domain codes, and to develop their network. We hope many of you will join us for this milestone event, which will conclude the second phase of the EoCoE project with a bang!

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